Vintage Styling Stops Traffic

I love styling vintage clothing with modern accessories to create unique, one-of-a-kind outfits. And such outfits can cause unusual side effects, like a stranger chasing after you along the Shoreditch high street in London.

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The Most Enticing Vintage Jewellery Shop in London


Before heading to the High Street in search of the latest jewellery trends, consider a visit to your local vintage fashion shop. In London, I highly recommend the fabulous shop that is Hirst Antiques in Notting Hill. Be prepared to be overwhelmed, where every available space in the store is glittering with beautiful vintage jewels.

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In Search of Vintage Treasure Along The Legendary Portobello Road


On my first visit to Portobello Road, which houses the famous Portobello Markets, I had the most interesting and colourful experience. Perhaps I was expecting too much. Its just that I love good quality, stylish vintage, the kind you find in well-curated vintage brick-and-mortar or online shops. Emerging from the Notting Gate Hill tube station and orienting myself with grateful assistance of Google maps, off I went carrying my eager anticipation in search of unique vintage treasures. What amazing vintage clothing would I find at this legendary market?

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Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair: Vintage Heaven Under One Roof

My idea of vintage heaven – the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair. The irresistible allure of 50 vintage fashion traders under one roof at the Finsbury Town Hall. Since moving to London, wandering around this intimate and enchanting art deco building with adorable vintage traders has quickly become my favourite place to source vintage fashion. And the recent autumn Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Perils of Online Vintage Shopping


Educated, independent, smart. All of these qualities are meaningless when faced with certain real-life practicalities. Practical actions that should typically take minimal thought and effort such as getting dressed. The moment you realise you cannot fasten the vintage garment you bought online, delicate profanities erupt spontaneously from your mouth into the surrounding air.

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Vintage Bomber Jacket: To Wear or Not To Wear?

It was love at first sight when I met this Escada vintage bomber jacket in February 2016. My eyes were immediately drawn to the rich vibrant red, green, blue, purple, and pink ribbon. But now I’m not so sure.

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Collecting Vintage Clothing Obsession

I fell dress-over-heels in love with collecting vintage clothing in 2014. I had been living in England for about 18 months and one evening accidentally discovered a Channel 4 TV show called ‘This Old Thing’ hosted by Dawn O’Porter.

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