Malta: Ancient Culture and Crystal Waters


Little did I realise when I arrived in Malta in July for 5 days of sun, sea and a little history that there was so much to see and do. Especially when the hotel pool and seaside lidos turned out to be so irresistibly relaxing. After tearing myself reluctantly away from the beautiful Mediterranean sea, I spent a couple of days exploring St Juliens, Valletta, and the Silent City of Mdina.

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Countryside Escape – Sopwell House


I long to escape to the countryside where fresh clean air, nature rhythm and the hum silence abounds. I am five months into my inner city London life. An experience that has been on my to-do dream bucket list for some time. All I can say is careful what you wish for. Whilst London has many amazing qualities and opportunities to offer, the main downside is the sheer absence of air quality.

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Solo Travel Adventures: Dining Alone in Paris

This is a little anecdote I wrote about dining alone in Paris one Saturday evening. My penchant for solo travel means I have endured many dinner-for-one experiences in foreign cities. This one stuck in my mind. The first two sentences below were scribbled in my note book on the evening in question and dated ‘drunk in Paris, 2015’.

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London Guide: Regents Park Rose Lovers Delight


Two months into my London relocation and I am still struggling to cope with the car pollution and passive cigarette smoke which dirty my lungs on a daily basis. So when the weather forecast indicated the sun would be shining today, I packed my camera and headed off to spend the day enclosed in the boundaries of beautiful Regents Park. No cars here, just plenty of fresh air, sunny autumn skies and beautiful serene nature.

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London Guide: Columbia Road Flower Market

Sundays should be for lazy days and sleeping in. However, Sundays are the only day you will experience the wonderful delight that is the Columbia Road Flower Market.

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8 Essential Long Haul Flight Travel Items

Do you dread the thought of a long haul international flight? I do. Especially as I have lived most of my adult life in one of the worlds most isolated city – Perth, Western Australia. My definition of a long haul international flight is anything lasting 10+ hours. So to combat the dread and help improve my long haul, in-fight experience, I always carry 8 essential travel items.

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15 Surprising Things About Florence


For me, the attraction to visit Florence was its long association with leather goods artisans and craftsmanship rather than its abundant Renaissance art, medieval history or famous architecture. Florence is after all the birth place of Italian fashion and the home of Gucci. And I am after all someone who love, love, loves fashion.

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3 Reasons To Avoid Milan in July


1. Its hot. 2. The heat. 3. Did I mention, it’s hot. You get the picture by now. Milan is hot in July. Oppressively hot. I didn’t realise this fact before booking a holiday to Milan and Florence last July. Only when I started telling people about my impending trip were there hints of “don’t you know its hot in Milan that time of year?” “really, are you sure you want to go in July?”

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The Paris Syndrome: My Brief Encounter

This post is about the time in September 2014 when I caught a mild does of the Paris Syndrome. A psychological condition experienced by tourists (almost exclusively by Japanese tourists) who are disappointed when Paris, the city of lights does not live up to their romantic expectations.

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Los Angeles Seeped Under My Skin

I never had any desire to visit LA. ‘Overrated’, ‘undesirable neighbourhoods’, ‘smog’, ‘hollywood tourist trap’ is what I had heard over and over again, and by osmosis believed for a long time. So last month I literally suppressed my hesitant thoughts and spent a couple of weeks in and around LA.

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