Fashion Editor Style | Stand Out From The Crowd

With a penchant for fashion, I always wanted to stand out from the crowd in true fashion editor style. And in my former corporate life, I would never have been able to wear this dress as people would have thought I was from a far away, foreign land.

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Golden Puffer Jacket Perfection

Love them or loathe them, puffer jackets are an essential wardrobe item when living in places with endless, freezing winters. One of my favourites is this gold Zara puffer jacket. 

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All Black Sartorial Style

Style – like life – can be black, white and all shades of grey. Perhaps I subconsciously wear black as a sartorial armour, a fashion shield protecting me from an unpredictable life that swirls madly around my mind.

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Dress on Dress Layers

With my black layered dresses, into the wild unknown I go again, this time running away from the claustrophobic and polluted inner city of London.

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London Sample Sales | Are They A Waste Of Time?


Are sample sales a waste of time? This was the question I pondered as someone who recently moved to London from Perth, Western Australia. My month of sample sale bargain hunting in London started by accident.

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7 Shoe Shopping Tips for Wide Feet


If you have wide feet like me, here are 7 simple shoe shopping tips to help you avoid ending up with a closet full of shoes you never wear.

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My First Chanel: When Luxury Dreams and Reality Collide


I had dreamt of this moment since I was a teenager – purchasing my first Chanel bag. This dream was about to become part of my real life ‘editorial story’ in September of 2014. I had been working as an expat in London for a couple of years and finally saved enough money to plunge into the luxury handbag world.

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10 Old-fashioned Laundry Care Tips

I love wearing beautiful clothes as much as I love doing laundry, especially what some might consider the onerous act of hand-washing. Both require dedication, time and effort. Both seem inherent in my fashion DNA.

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