Dress on Dress Layers

With my black layered dresses, into the wild unknown I go again, this time running away from the claustrophobic and polluted inner city of London.

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Sample Sales: Are They A Waste Of Time?


Are sample sales a waste of time? This was the question I pondered as someone who recently moved to London from Perth, Western Australia. My month of sample sale bargain hunting in London started by accident. I had just relocated to London from half way around the world had a bit of spare time on my hands whilst settling into my new London life. As with all things social media these days, I stumbled across an amazing sample sale website.

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6 Easy Ways to Embrace Sustainable Fashion


Embracing sustainable fashion is critical. Just like fast food is unhealthy for the body, fast fashion is unhealthy for the environment. Over consumption of anything is unhealthy, and the challenge is educating the vast majority of the population on the negative environmental impacts of fast fashion, over consumption and instant gratification consumerism.

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7 Shoe Shopping Tips for Wide Feet


Narrow. Slim. Small. These words have never been used to describe my feet. If I were living in the early part of the 20th century, my feet would have been very out-of-vogue. Ultra feminine, small, narrow feet were the trend of the day and larger-footed women were deemed peasant like. I grew up on a farm. Does that make me a modern day peasant?

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42 Things I Learnt From Watching The Fashion Collection


I am not usually one for purchasing boxset movies, but I couldn’t resist The Fashion Collection. Four fabulous documentaries that give you an insight into the wonderful world of fashion. Dior and I, About Face, The September Issue, and Jeremy Scott The Peoples Designer.

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My First Chanel: When Luxury Dreams and Reality Collide


I had dreamt of this moment since I was a teenager – purchasing my first Chanel bag. This dream was about to become part of my real life ‘editorial story’ in September of 2014. I had been working as an expat in London for a couple of years and finally saved enough money to plunge into the luxury handbag world.

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10 Old-fashioned Laundry Care Tips

I love wearing beautiful clothes as much as I love doing laundry, especially what some might consider the onerous act of hand-washing. Both require dedication, time and effort. Both seem inherent in my fashion DNA.

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Colourful Clothes & Memories

I love how clothes and colours affect your mood. Orange. So bright and radiant, bound to lift any melancholic mind. And I love the way that clothes you buy in special places become special in themselves, snapshots of time seared and locked in your happiness memory bank.

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Fashion Green Daily Dose

You don’t always need to eat mountains of kale, or spinach or broccoli to get your daily dose of greens. Just head outside and soak up the inedible type of greens, the greens in your garden. Or slip on a gorgeous green dress like this one called Layla.

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Geese-in-Flight Skirt & My Wanderlust Heart

I love my BOB By Dawn O’Porter skirt which I purchased in England last spring. Its called The Jane – Geese in Flight and speaks to my wanderlust, free-as-a-bird spirit. Just ask my family and friends. I am happiest when free to spread my imaginary wings and fly where ever I fancy.

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