Feminism | The Freedom to Choose


Although my life is far from perfect, today I am grateful for my freedom to choose, born in a western society where women have opportunities and choice.

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Saatchi Gallery And An Unexpected Odour

The Saatchi Gallery had been on my gallery must-visit list for ages and little did I realise, an unpleasant odour would be linked to the highlight of my visit.

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My Summer Icon | West Australian Beaches


White hot beach sand. My summer icon. Weekend trips to the beach in flip flops and excessive heat. An icon which should come with a warning label. Blaring hot sun. Endless days that turn into endless weeks of temperatures in the 35 degree to 45 degree range.

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Geese-in-Flight Skirt & My Wanderlust Heart

I love my BOB By Dawn O’Porter skirt which I purchased last spring. It’s called ‘The Jane Geese in Flight’ and speaks to my wanderlust, free-as-a-bird spirit.

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Better Late Than Never

Ever since I can remember I have had this inexplicable affinity to fashion – a strong, deep, burning desire to wear and be wrapped up in beautiful fabric and timeless clothes. Where did it come from?

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