The downside of constantly rebooting your life is having the majority of your belongings constantly in storage. Like these gorgeous Jimmy Choo suede boots which would be perfect for the upcoming Perth winter.

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Easter Chocolate Blues

This time last year I had a slight case of the Easter-time chocolate blues. It was my first easter back in Australia after living abroad in the United Kingdom for three years. These chocolate blues were brought on for two reasons. Firstly, I had made a New Years resolution to reduce my processed sugar intake to once a week, and secondly, since visiting Bruges in Belgium no other chocolate can compete.

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Still Looking for Love This Valentines


Another year gone and another year approaching Valentines Day as a single woman. In my teenage years and early twenties, my mother always told me “don’t worry there are plenty of fish in the sea”. Well many years later I cannot help wondering where they all are.

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Feminism: Freedom to Choose


I am grateful for my freedom to choose. Today and every day from this moment forward I am truly grateful for who I am. Although my life is far from perfect, today I banished all negative thoughts that my incessant mind conjures up about my body, my circumstance, my upbringing, my social status, my faults. Today I consider my self lucky. Fortunate to have been born in a western society where women have the freedom to choose.

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Fortnum and Mason: Magical Winter Wonderland


With less than a week to go and the Christmas frenzy careering frantically towards Christmas Day, now is the time to stop, breathe and soak in the joyful spirit of Christmas. There are things you can do that don’t involve trawling through endless gift guides or brick-and-mortar shops and ending up with self-induced migraines brought on by trying to find the perfect presents to buy for family, friends, relatives and people you barely know.

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Saatchi Gallery And An Unexpected Odour

Stumbling upon the unexpected is one of the great joys of life. I made an unplanned detour to the Saatchi Gallery whilst walking down Kings Road on my way to an antiques fair at the Chelsea Town Hall. The gallery had been on my gallery must-visit list for ages and little did I realise an unpleasant odour would be linked to the highlight of my visit.

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My Summer Icon


White hot beach sand. My summer icon. Weekend trips to the beach in flip flops and excessive heat. An icon which should come with a warning label. Blaring hot sun. Endless days that turn into endless weeks of temperatures in the 35 degree to 45 degree range.

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Colourful Clothes & Memories

I love how clothes and colours affect your mood. Orange. So bright and radiant, bound to lift any melancholic mind. And I love the way that clothes you buy in special places become special in themselves, snapshots of time seared and locked in your happiness memory bank.

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Geese-in-Flight Skirt & My Wanderlust Heart

I love my BOB By Dawn O’Porter skirt which I purchased in England last spring. Its called The Jane – Geese in Flight and speaks to my wanderlust, free-as-a-bird spirit. Just ask my family and friends. I am happiest when free to spread my imaginary wings and fly where ever I fancy.

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Better Late Than Never!

Ever since I can remember I have had this inexplicable affinity to fashion – a strong, deep, burning desire to wear and be wrapped up in beautiful fabric and timeless clothes. Where did it come from?

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