I left the corporate world to pursue my fashion dreams, and alipeat.com was born out this strong desire to find a creative outlet to express who I am through my love of fashion, travel, life and photography. By sharing my stories I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, experience the joy of living, and perhaps even learn something new along the way. You can read more about my journey in my first post ‘Better Late Than Never’.

My Style

My girlfriends once described my style as ‘laid-back glamour’. I guess that label has stuck with me ever since.

My Morning Breakfast Ritual

Fresh vegetable juice – exercise – almond milk tea – green smoothie.

My Beauty Approach

I like my make-up to be natural and simple. For my every day wear I only apply foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Some days I wear no make up at all.

My Favourite Skincare Brands

Eve Lom | 3Lab | Sarah Chapman Skinesis | By Terry

My Favourite Fashion Brands

Gucci – Louis Vuitton – Dior – Prada – Valentino – Saint Laurent – Chanel – Lanvin – Alexander McQueen – Jimmy Choo – Victoria Beckham – Marc Jacobs – Tom Ford – Stella Jean – Chloe – Vivienne Westwood – Roskanda – House of Holland – Hudson Jeans – Frame Denim – J.Crew – New Balance – Zara – Addidas – Country Road* – Zimmerman* – Morrison* to name a few.


My favourite fun question: If you were an animal what would you be and why?

…I would be a cat. Fiercely independent and love occasional naps. 

*Australian Designers