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December – the month when crazy Christmas shopping and the holiday party season arrives in full force – the perfect opportunity for exuding casual glamour and style. And as a fashion loving introvert, creating an outfit for a party or any social event, is more thrilling than the thought of engaging in endless small talk with strangers at a party. I love to dress up and love the idea of attending holiday parties where jubilant, end-of-year moods are as infectious as the glittering Christmas decorations and twinkling fairy lights. The reality is somewhat different. Whilst I was fortunate to be blessed with the ‘style gene’ and passion for all things fashion, I inherited the ‘shy gene’ too. This ‘shy gene’ or introverted trait is my achilles heel at parties. Creating an outfit to suit any holiday party is an easy task, whether it’s casual office party glamour or New Year’s Eve glitterati. Dealing with my dread of attending parties is another matter.

Whilst I gain immense pleasure meticulously planning a party outfit, trepidation creeps into my psyche at the prospect of socialising with new people. This is usually magnified if I have to arrive at the party solo. Extroverts love parties, introverts don’t. Introverts arrive on time to parties, hang with a few close friends or ‘people watch’ from a corner of the room. Extroverts arrive at parties a little later when the festivities are in full swing, bring the play-list, charm everyone and are the first on the dance floor. Introverts are more likely to leave parties early, quietly saying goodbye to those in their immediate surroundings and creating as little fuss as possible. Extroverts typically say goodbye to everyone and are usually the last to leave. The introvert story is my life, and it wasn’t until I studied psychology in my late 20’s, that I gained a deeper understanding of my personality and how that influences my social life.

So here is my style take on casual party glamour – perfect for any holiday party situation. Easily constructed by my logically introverted stylish brain without having to socialise or converse with anyone. Pairing my new Zara lace top with a hand-made beaded necklace I recently received as a birthday gift and classic staples already in my wardrobe: black jeans and elegant high heels. This fashionista introvert is now ready to ‘reluctantly party’.

ZARA pink lace top Ali Peat
Jimmy Choo shoes Ali Peat

ZARA pink lace top | Country Road jeans | Jimmy Choo shoes | Coach clutch | Swag Designs Dallas necklace | Dior sunglasses

Photos by Gina Jenkin – ZEN Events & Photography Services

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