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Fringe is a trend that swings in and out of fashion. And luckily for me, fringe fashion is back in vogue as the only fringe I dare to venture to wear nowadays is of the clothing kind, rather than the high maintenance, hairstyle kind. Avoiding the hairstyle type of fringe – or bangs if you live in the USA – is mandatory for me as I have long fine-ish hair and not one, but two pesky cow-licks which render any fringe hairstyle high maintenance and practically useless. Speaking of high maintenance, the fringe runway fashion trend for Spring 2018 is fancy, over-the-top, ‘wow’ statement fringes of yes – the long, high maintenance kind.

Being the practical person that I am, owning a long fringe statement piece fills me with dread; especially at the thought of having to comb out all the knots and entanglements. I love the concept in theory, seduced by statuesque models glamorously sashaying down the runway in full-length fringe skirts and dresses, hips propelling the legion of fringes into a mesmerising, seemingly well orchestrated wave-like motion, captivating the audience momentarily before disappearing from view and handing the garment back to the behind-the-scenes designer team to untangle. However, all I can think of is sitting on my bedroom floor after an evening out, lovingly cradling my fancy fringe dress in my arms and sobbing as I carefully detangle the long, high maintenance strands.

Although spring, and spring 2018, fashion seems like a million eons away, splashes of fringe is ready making its way into stores. And there are fancy fringe alternatives factoring into the trend mix instead of the high maintenance runway kind, like this mushroom pink top with a layered short fringe detail. Long enough to give the top movement, texture and detail; and strands short enough to stay endlessly tangle free and easy to maintain. Perhaps my love of the short fringe will grow into something grander in the coming months; yearning for the incredible wave-like movement of a long statement fringe as I sashay down the street towards spring and dancing the night away.








ZARA-pink-fringed-top-casual-style-ali peat


ZARA-pink-fringed-top-casual-style-alipeatZARA fringed top | Zara white shirt | Frame jeans | Jimmy Choo shoes | Dior sunglasses | J.Crew earrings | Maiden Voyage clutch

Photos by Gina Jenkin – ZEN Events & Photography Services

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