Asymmetrical Shirt

Over the past few seasons, the classic blue stripe button-up shirt has been given a major experimental refresh with deconstructed tailoring, embroidered patterns and asymmetrical hems. Being the procrastinator that I am, I would walk into high street stores, try on the embroidered version and walk out empty handed. Maybe the classic style –  minus the embroidery –  reminded me too much of my former corporate work shirts. That is until I recently discovered this asymmetrical poplin stripe shirt. I love the innovative take on the classic shirt style with cropped ruffles at the front and tapering asymmetrically at the back. The typical man-style box shape shirt has been given the perfect feminine flair.

As I am forever in pants, this asymmetrical shirt works perfectly with my frayed denim jeans and the frilly ruffles give the outfit that added feminine touch, especially when billowing in the wind while walking down the street or along a seaside marina boardwalk. For warmer spring days or cool evenings, my colourful plum boots will be swapped for the iconic Aussie summer essential – flip-flops – to give this outfit a casual, laid-back glamour look. The two halves seemingly unmatched and contradictory continue the asymmetrical theme: long sleeves and jeans paired with barely-there footwear.









casual-outfit-ZARA-poplin-shirt-ali-peatZara shirt | Hudson jeans | Chanel bag | Jimmy Choo boots | Dior sunglasses

Photos by Gina Jenkin – ZEN Events & Photography Services

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