Reviving The Vintage Ensemble | 1970s Pauline Trigère Silk Dress Set

Do you have special vintage clothes in your wardrobe that you save for good, never wear and are screaming for a fashion revival? I do. This 1970s vintage Pauline Trigère silk chiffon ensemble falls within my ‘special’ wardrobe category; and in fact I have never worn since purchasing a couple of years ago. I am afraid to wear this delicate vintage dress for fear of undoing hand-stitched seams or damaging the sheer silk fabric. For two long years the dress has been lovingly stored in the dark confines of my closet, waiting for a contemporary style rejuvenation; and for me to pluck up the courage to wear out on a special occasion. Should I wear for pure vintage pleasure and damn the consequences if the stitching unravels or I snare the silk on jewellery? That’s the challenge with purchasing expensive and fragile vintage items, some garments are mentally and physically too delicate to wear; I want to cherish this dress for the rest of my life and its life. And there in lies my reluctance.

Banishing my reluctance momentarily, I managed to revive my beautiful Pauline Trigère vintage dress from my closet and carefully wear on an hour-long photo shoot. Breathing 21st century life and warm sunlight into this vintage dress on a human mannequin, infused with contemporary style and accessories. This four piece ensemble may be old-fashioned to some, but for me therein lies the dress’ vintage charm with its outer silk shell, brown slip, detachable belt and scarf; reminiscent of the twin sweater-set era of the 1940s and 1950s which was revived decades later in the 1990s. A bygone era given a second chance, like the backdrop of this derelict, neglected building, standing long forgotten at the back of the town centre cinema car park. The building reminded me of the quaint, rustic buildings of provincial France. Cherished and loved for their old-world charm and heritage. Which is how I feel about this vintage dress, an ensemble exuding charm of a bygone era; fashion heritage in need of delicate care and occasional revival from its vintage loving owner.

Do you have any vintage pieces that are due for a modern day style revival?










Pauline-Trigere-Vintage-1970s-dress-0758Pauline Trigère vintage dress | Marc By Marc Jacobs clutch | Kate Spade boots | Dior sunglasses {this post is not sponsored}

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