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With a penchant for fashion, I always wanted to stand out from the crowd in true fashion editor style. The number one constant throughout my life has been this underlying desire to live, breath and immerse myself into the high-end fashion world. While my life up until now had wandered down a different path, I knew I was on the right fashion-track when at a party, whilst wearing this outfit, someone asked if I was a fashion editor. Instantly my heart, mind and soul soared into the universe and I literally jumped for joy. Fashion is my essence, my joy, a gift that comes naturally. And that afternoon, at a backyard barbecue party somewhere on the outskirts of London, the ‘fashion editor’ comment sparkled brilliantly in my mind like a million rainbow colours stars in the metallic Marc By Marc Jacobs bunny hop dress I was wearing.

Every time I wear this dress I embody my fashion editor dreams. Don’t they say you should dress for the career you want, not the career you have? In my former corporate life, I would never ever have been able to wear this dress – people would have thought I was from a far away, foreign land. Yes, I would have stood out from the rest of the professional crowd, however, there are certain codes of dress for every industry – be it engineering, media, banking, fashion etc. And this silver metallic Marc by Marc Jacobs Bunny Hop dress was certainly destined for the fashion editor or street style scene. Liberated from the stifling confines of the corporate dress-code, I am now free wear and showcase the clothes that truly reflects my style and fashion dreams. So, be brave, find a place where you can express your own unique, authentic fashion style. And don’t wait as long as I have to start your own fashion revolution.

Marc Jacobs dress-0723

Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-metallic-dressMarc By Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Bunny hop dress | J.Crew shirt | New Balance sneakers | Prada sunglasses {this post was not sponsored}

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