Golden Puffer Jacket Perfection

Love them or loathe them, puffer jackets are an essential wardrobe item when living in places with endless, freezing winters. I quickly found this out when I relocated to the United Kingdom for three years in 2012, with my first winter being a bitterly cold, teeth-chattering experience. Having lived most of my adult life in Australia without owning a single puffer jacket, I ended up with three puffer jackets in my closet. The northern hemisphere winters were certainly long and numbingly cold for this Aussie, hence my puffer jacket purchasing obsession. As soon as the mid-year summer sales were over, puffer jackets appeared in every high street shop and department store, rapidly multiplying like cute furry rabbits. One of my favourite purchases is this gold Zara puffer jacket. I just love the style, rich golden-brown colour, gold zips / studs, and snug faux-fur collar detail. All of which becomes radiant and magnified when basking in the early morning, Western Australia golden-hour light.

I first spotted this jacket on a young woman on the streets of Munich, Germany and did a double-take for a second glance as she passed me by. I was visiting Munich in late November to explore the fabulous German Christmas Markets, and at time of year, Munich is definitely thick coat, woollen scarf and gloves type of weather. It was the first puffer jacket to impress my critical and picky fashion-eye. Parading down the street, the jacket looked expensive and stylish for a puffer, and I knew immediately I wanted the exact same jacket and/or to scour the shops in Munich for something similar.

I was non-plussed that puffers might not be considered the most trendy or fashionable wardrobe item by high-end fashion magazines or bloggers: the jacket caught my eye, and for me, that’s the most important factor when purchasing. Buy an item because it sparks delight and emotion in your brain, rather than follow-the-herd, on-trend banality. I read an article once that some bloggers wouldn’t be seen dead in a puffer. Oh well, I think they are missing out. I was ecstatic when I found the exact same jacket in a Munich Zara store that weekend. And funnily enough, in my travels around Europe and England I never spotted this golden puffer jacket on anyone else since that Munich weekend.

With the winters in Perth, Western Australia being relatively short and mild, this jacket might feel a little neglected in my cold weather wardrobe. Regardless, I will keep this jacket forever for the fond fashion memories it generates from my European travels, the warmth it provides on cold winter days, and because this is Zara jacket is golden puffer perfection.






Zara Puffer Jacket-0368

Zara Puffer Jacket-0347

Zara Puffer Jacket-0293

Zara puffer jacket | Hudson ‘Collin’ jeans | Dior sunglasses | Seychelles ‘Lucky Penny’ boots {this post is not sponsored}

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