Vintage Style Stops Traffic

The first time I wore this vintage Tricosa dress, a stranger chased after me along the Shoreditch high street in London. I had purchased the garment a month prior at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair, and thought their upcoming October fair would be the perfect occasion to showcase my new vintage dress. I had been asked to write a review of the vintage fair and wanted to dress the part in a mix of vintage and modern pieces. As the dress was a size too large, I cinched the elasticated waist with a wide black leather belt from the Australian brand Saba; something which I have owned for at least 10 years. As always with me, comfort in the shoe department is a must, especially in a walking city like London, and therefore I chose my black and neon New Balance sneakers to adorn my feet that day. I threw on my Prada sunglasses, a black oversized Jaeger coat (not photographed here), and off I went to attend my second Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair.

As soon as I arrived at the fabulous art deco Finsbury Hall, positive compliments on the dress were thrown my way from other avid vintage collectors attending the fair. It might seem trivial to some, but for me, I gain immense satisfaction when complimented on the way I dress or a particular outfit I am wearing. The sartorial choices we make project to the world a myriad of information such as: who we are; how we feel about ourselves; what culture, subculture, community we belong too; our social status; and much more. And in the vintage-community sprint, I could happily share that the dress was purchased at this very fair from the delightful Sarah Horrillo L-O-V-E London Vintage. After a few hours of vintage shopping heaven, and the impulse purchase of a vintage fur coat, I decided to head over to Shoreditch to visit an art exhibition by one of my favourite aerial photographers: Tommy Clarke.

I didn’t stay long in Shoreditch as my arms were starting to get a little weary lugging around the heavy, full-length vintage coat. Steaming down the street like a race walking olympic champion, eager to unladen my shopping, I sensed someone quickly approaching me from behind. Startled momentarily, as if sprung by the flash of a paparazzi camera, a stranger suddenly appeared in front of me, halting my determined stride. Whilst my brain quickly assessed the unfamiliar situation, the man was even quicker to breathlessly explain that he had just passed me and felt compelled to stop me in my tracks to compliment my outfit: ‘You look amazing. I love the whole look and way you have paired the sneakers with the dress’. Or words to that effect.

Who knows if it’s what he really thought or if he was testing out his new Shoreditch-hipster pick-up line. Shame he wasn’t my type or else I might have asked him out for a drink! This inaugural and momentous occasion certainly warranted some form of celebration, as the first time a stranger chased me down the street to offer polite compliments on my style. Either way, I thanked him for his kind words and continued down the Shoreditch high street, chuckling and smiling all the way. And so it goes to show, you can literally stop traffic wearing vintage mixed with a sprinkling of modern.

Tricosa vintage dress-0

Tricosa vintage dress-ali peat



1970s Tricosa vintage dress

Tricosa vintage dress | Prada sunglasses | New Balance sneakers | Saba belt 

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