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Style – like life – can be black, white and all shades of grey. Famous for inventing the little black dress, Coco Chanel once said ‘I imposed black; it is still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around.’ Perhaps I subconsciously wear monochrome black outfits as a sartorial armour, a fashion shield protecting me from an unpredictable grey life that swirls madly around my mind. Maybe Coco Chanel was right. I feel strong as the howling Geraldton southerly wind when I wear all black, confident and standing taller, obliterating the fear-shackles that sometimes paralyse my mind. And when moments of fear flicker briefly across my hazel eyes, black sunglasses keep this hidden, deflecting any questions from the prying world outside.

I wear my armour well, just ask my close friends and family. I have always been a private person, slowly revealing my dreams, thoughts, emotions and introvert personality. I am more at ease with my own inner dialogue, and find sharing my thoughts and observations in the written word is a way to outwardly communicate to others my inner monologue. Through my blogging I am learning to open up and embrace the courage required to share more of me through my travels and style, discarding layers of my closely-guarded emotional protective armour. The black sartorial armour I am wearing here is one of my favourite casual outfits; and it is only now, writing this post, that I realise the outfit contains a brief snapshot of my travels, each piece having a happy story or memory to tell.

I found my black sunglasses at a Prada shop in the Charles de Gaulle Airport while killing time waiting to board a delayed, late afternoon flight home from Paris to London. My bracelets also revive fond memories of my travels in France. The black beaded bracelet by Nakamol is from a little accessories store called Boo Bijoux in the gorgeous seaside town of Biarritz on France’s Basque coast – both of which I adore. The gold bangle I procured while in Paris on a birthday holiday a couple of years ago, when I stumbled across an Aurélie Bidermann shop on Rue des Saints-Pères. I had seen her jewellery on the Net-a-Porter website and couldn’t believe my luck when I found her actual store by accident exploring the side-streets and famous literary cafes in St-Germain. I was so enamoured with her gorgeous store I ended up purchasing the gold bangle, along with a few others. My black chandelier earrings remind me of a trip to the tiny seaside town of Dunsborough, Western Australia and the delightful boutique where I bought them, next to the Wild and Woods cafe.

My black Frame jeans were a spontaneous purchase from an Intermix store in Malibu whilst on a two week trip to California. I was in Santa Barbara and planned on cruising down the famous Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica, however, my GPS had other ideas. I missed the turn off and ended up with drab concrete Ventura Freeway views before cutting through the scenic Malibu Canyon Road, and finally onto the spectacular coastal views from the Pacific Highway. In need of a late breakfast and coffee refill, I quickly pulled into the Malibu Country Mart shopping mall whereby I found an ever reliable Starbucks and the Intermix store. Maybe it was the disappointment of missing half the Pacific Highway, the excitement of finally finding the Pacific Highway, or the beautiful mountains framed by the floor to ceiling windows of the Intermix store that had me spontaneously purchasing the jeans. I’m glad I did as I live in them all year round.

So you see when I share my travel and fashion stories it wipes out everything else around me. I become immersed in wonderful memories and relive amazing experiences, writing with a smile and sparkle in my hazel eyes, discarding all my fears and worries. I love to travel and I love fashion – these are my happy places. One only has to probe and prod under my black sartorial monochrome armour to see the many layers of me hidden behind and within my wardrobe.

ali-peat-black outfit
Black outfit-
Black outfit-ali-peat

Madewell top | Frame jeans | Prada sunglasses | McQ bag | Aurélie Bidermann gold bracelet | Nakamol beaded bracelet {this post was not sponsored}

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