My Life Life Reboot with Jimmy Choo Boots


My life is one constant reboot. This time moving from the London spring to the winter of Perth, Western Australia. The downside of constantly rebooting my life is always having the majority of my belongings in storage, living with a highly edited version of my spring, summer, autumn and winter wardrobe – all lugged around in three mammoth suitcases. I want to burn these much travelled, heavily laden suitcases one day and replace them with my very own tangible bedroom closet. I am tired of rebooting my life and forever switching seasons and hemispheres – longing for a brick-and-mortar home and silly things like my brown suede Jimmy Choo winter boots.

Over the past seven years I have moved six times, shutting down one life to restart in another location. Three weeks into my latest life-reboot feels more like running on a hamster wheel treadmill, ground hog day every day, rather than lunging purposefully into a fresh new chapter. My reboot life started when I left Perth in 2010 for an exciting expat assignment in Dallas, Texas. Since then my crazy wanderlust life has looked like this: Perth-Dallas-Melbourne-Farnborough-Perth-London-Perth. Constantly trying to find a place to settle, somewhere to grow meaningful and lasting roots, a locale to call home. Constantly feeling the twinge and pull of new experiences and adventures.

For now I am back in Perth, living out of my trusty suitcases with all my other ‘stuff’ languishing patiently in storage, waiting while I sort out my life…again. Stuff like these gorgeous Jimmy Choo suede boots which would be perfect for the fast approaching Perth winter. For now I have to be content with my decisions and path in life, trusting I am meant to be in Perth, right here right now. Perhaps the universe is guiding me to the path I am meant to tread and life I am meant create. Reminding me the journey is more important than the destination. For now I am striving to let go of my unsettled, homelessness fears and hamster wheel nightmares, willing myself to jump forward in life, suede boots and all.


Jimmy Choo boots {not sponsored}

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