Wild Fashion Dreams

With my black layered dresses, into the wild unknown I go…again, this time running away from the claustrophobic and polluted inner city of London. Chasing unrealised and wild fashion dreams, going around and around in circles. I just packed up my bags one day and suddenly landed back in Perth, Western Australia. As I struggle to adjust to the momentous decision of moving back to Perth yet again, for the past week my mind has been torturous, unforgiving and harsh; much like the bushland that surrounds me in the Perth hills. It’s funny how fond memories of your home town and country are over-romanticised when living far away – such as in the madness of London. All I longed for was blue sky, fresh country air and connection to a place – a place to call home. Perhaps if I persevered a little longer I still would be dashing about London and right now, having coffee at my favourite place on Bermondsey Street, and adding multiple layers to my life – much like this outfit where two dresses become one.

But alas I am here in Perth wondering if this is truly my home? My wandering, wild-about-fashion mind always wants more. More adventure, more experiences, more travel, more beautiful clothes, more, more, more. The downside to this constant yearning for more is the inability to settle in any one place to call ‘home’. Perhaps I am just wild and crazy, and have to accept this is just who I am – the perpetual wanderer. I thought London would bring me closer to my fashion dreams and maybe they would have materialised if I had persevered. Hindsight is a thorny beast and instead of dwelling in the swamp lands of my deepest, darkest mind, I must shift my focus towards the challenge of creative fashion possibilities here in Australia.

The culture fashion-shock was immense when walking through the Perth International airport terminal. My suitcase full of fancy London clothes would feel out-of-place swanning around the streets of Perth. While I mentally process my culture fashion-shock and readjust to a more laid back Aussie lifestyle, showcasing my outfits against the backdrop of this harsh, godforsaken and beautiful country could just be the antidote I need. Like this tulle embroidered dress from Zara which I layered over a black dress from Preen Line. The Zara tulle dress is so sheer that only the satorial brave, like Kendal Jenner in her recent bare-it-all La Perla couture Met Gala ensemble, would wear nothing underneath, leaving little to the imagination of all onlookers. Whilst in my 20’s I may have been daring enough to wear only lingerie underneath, my older self has a show-less-flesh-is-more mantra and layering is a fantastic way to style unique, individual looks.

The black layered dresses are also a homage to reflect my current mood and wild mild, sprinkled with a touch of flowers to signify renewal and rejuvenation. London is behind me for now and I am slowly discarding the torturous thoughts from my mind, layer by layer, replacing them with new hopes and even bigger fashion dreams in this country I call home – Australia.

Zara-embroidered-tulle dress-

Zara black tulle dress

Zara tulle dress black

Zara tulle dress

black Zara tulle dress

Zara embroidered tulle dress | Preen Line black dress | Halston Heritage boots | Prada sunglasses

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