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With the month of December upon us and as the christmas shopping frenzy careers frantically towards Christmas Day, now is the time to stop, breathe and soak in the joyful spirit of Christmas. There are things you can do that don’t involve trawling through endless gift guides or brick-and-mortar shops and ending up with self-induced migraines brought on by trying to find the perfect presents to buy for family, friends, relatives and people you barely know. If you (and your credit card) want a break from the rampant consumerism side of Christmas, may I suggest wandering around the charming Christmas Shops that spring up in every major department store and simply admire all the wonderful Christmas decorations on display.

My favourite Christmas department store shop is at Fortnum and Mason. I love perusing this beautifully decorated Christmas shop and discovering all the exquisite christmas decorations on display. From glittery red baubles to colourful Nutcrackers to handsome life size bears. Christmas feels like ‘real Christmas’ in London with the cold winter weather, short sunlight days that turn dark around 4pm and the magical lights and Christmas decorations that adorn every shop and inner city street. I grew up with a summertime Christmas where bright, summer sunlight is the backdrop for christmas lights, decorations and all things Christmas.

So for me, spending Christmas in the northern hemisphere is like being transported into a surreal fairly tale land. Most books, movies, christmas cards and the like have winter snow references splashed all over the screen and pages. So a wintertime Christmas in London is as close to the ‘real’ feeling of Christmas for this Aussie girl. And somehow the Christmas decorations feel more ‘real’ too. Hence my love of visiting department store Christmas Shops in London just for the pure joy of that winter Christmas feel. So for a moment or two, forget about the last remaining presents you have to buy and remember the time when, as a child, when you eagerly waited for Santa to come down the chimney and Christmas felt like an awe-inspiring, imagined or real, magical other world.








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