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There are alternative ways to get your daily dose of green, like slipping on this gorgeous green Diane von Furstenberg Layla dress. You don’t always need to eat mountains of kale, or spinach or broccoli to get your daily dose of greens; just head outside and soak up being surrounded by the inedible type of greens, the greens in your garden. Green is the colour that symbolises balance, growth and vitality. Green is also the colour of natures abundant and wondrous plant life. And spring is not the only season for lush green gardens and light airy dresses. Autumn is also the time when lemon and orange trees burst forth with sun enriched fruit, hidden amongst their deep green leaves. Fruit which is full of vitamins and antioxidants to help us prepare for the coming winter cold. When I left the UK in November 2015 to return to Australia for a few months, I was lucky enough to skip the cold northern hemisphere winter. While it’s nice having what equates to two summers, my body is craving the cooler autumn days and winter nourishment away from the glaring down-under summer heat and sun. The orange and lemon trees growing in my back yard were ready to infuse a little winter green vitality into my life.

Another way to inject green into your life is to wear a fabulous outfit like this chiffon tunic dress from Diane von Furstenberg. Green floral print splashed across contrasting black and white speaks to me of hibernation, growth and renewal. Perfect to wear during these brief, mild autumn days before winter arrives. I say brief, as Australia really only has two seasons summer and winter. The days that are assigned to autumn are much like summer days, full of blue skies and sunshine but with much less intensity. I do miss the distinct four seasons of the northern hemisphere and watching the autumn leaves turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange; before they slowly undress the trees. Leaves flittering in the air like snow flake butterflies and creating a carpet of brown once they fall to the ground.

Brown is also the colour of the Australian summer, and this dress has been unsuitable and unloved for most of the long, hot 35 degree days. Now the temperature is cooling to around 20 – 23 degrees, I am happy to finally slip this dress and head outdoors; without fear of overheating under the Aussie summer sun or wanting to rip the sheer sleeves from their delicate seams. Perhaps I might even sit out on the patio for lunch and have a healthy dose of green baby spinach salad with freshly squeezed orange juice straight from the backyard orange tree. Feeling nourished being surrounded by such beautiful greenery and totally resplendent wearing my daily dose of Diane von Furstenberg fashion green.








DVF Layla dress | Dior sunglasses | Jimmy Choo shoes | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

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