Vintage Bomber Jacket | To Wear or Not To Wear?

It was love at first sight when I met this 1990s Escada bomber jacket in a Dallas vintage store in February 2016. My eyes were immediately drawn to a sleeve of luscious black velvet overlaid with rich vibrant red, green, blue, purple, and pink ribbon. The colours exploded into life on the delicate sensors of my retina, much like when I see an amazing piece of artwork in a museum for the first time. Red lips hidden from view softly whispered my name and my hand reached down to grasp the jacket from the crowded rack. Free from the confines of the other vintage clothes, I slowly turned the bomber jacket 360 degrees to view more closely. The cut-out shapes and detail reminded me of Picasso’s cubist portrait paintings I had seen in Paris museums. The distorted image of a face with misplaced haphazard eyes and lips. To me the bomber jacket looked like a magnificent piece of prized art. Even though the jacket was a little too big for me, and I am typically drawn to 1970s vintage, this Escada bomber jacket with its oversized sleeves, took my vintage shopping heart by surprise. Immediately I wanted to take this amazing velvet bomber jacket home to Australia. There were so many other amazing pieces in this vintage store, which is called Vintage Martini, but somehow the red lips, vibrant ribbons and black velvet captured my undivided attention.

Now the Aussie autumn nights are a little cooler, the promise of wearing my Escada bomber jacket is tantalisingly close. Whist I am so happy when I see this jacket hanging in my wardrobe and love the colours and velvety touch, now that I have the chance to actually wear the jacket – I’m not so sure. Could I be falling out of love so quickly? Perhaps the 1990’s fashion is still too close in my memory and therefore a more prolonged absence is required for my heart to grow fond of this jacket enough to wear. Or perhaps it was the image which flashed across my visual cortex today, of a jockey in an oversized colourful jacket who accidentally stumbled into the Alice in Wonderland movie set and blended in without a stir. Maybe the fashion world and I are not ready for the 1990s era to return so quickly. Either way I will always think of this Escada bomber jacket as a piece of fashion art. And maybe this is the answer to my dilemma for now. Appreciate the visual beauty of this 1990s jacket and realise it has a valid place in fashion history. Whether I end up wearing it or not.

Note. If you are visiting Dallas, Texas I highly recommend you stop by Vintage Martini. I cannot wait to return some day to pursue the well-curated vintage and consignment items on offer. 






Escada-vintage-bomber-jacket1990s Escada by Margaretha Ley bomber jacket | Uniqlo t-shirt | GAP jeans | Prada sunglasses | {this post is not sponsored}

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