Geese-in-Flight Skirt & My Wanderlust Heart


I love my BOB By Dawn O’Porter skirt which I purchased in England last spring. Its called The Jane – Geese in Flight and speaks to my wanderlust, free-as-a-bird spirit. Just ask my family and friends. I am happiest when free to spread my imaginary wings and fly where ever I fancy (well almost anywhere). Perhaps thats why I haven’t settled in one place yet, afraid I will miss out on an exciting adventure or opportunity. Perhaps I am like Canada geese which are adaptable to many habitats and thrive wherever there are grasses, grains or berries. But, perhaps its time to choose. Set up a ‘home base’ and then travel and work outwards from that location, with an invisible string springing me back for the autumn or summer months or any such season. In the last 10 years I have been fortunate enough to work for an international company which enabled me to travel the world and collect life long friends along the way.

My ultimate, big-sky dream is to have apartments on three continents: one in Australia where my family and Aussie friends live; one in North America where my girl squad and ‘adopted Dallas family’ lives; and one in Europe where I have just spend the past three years soaking up the history, arts and London life. Then I don’t have to choose. Right? Like migrating geese I could have several home locations. For now I am back in Australia taking steps towards fulfilling my fashion dreams. And as we are heading into winter, my lovely spring skirt will soon go into wardrobe hibernation for a little while. But who knows for how long? The irresistible pull of the geese to migrate back to the northern hemisphere might be too strong to resist. Should I return to my life in England, even if its just for a few weeks this northern spring, my Geese in Flight skirt will be carried with me all the way.

“Geese, shall we migrate north for the spring?”

“Oh yes please! Lets fly back back home,” the geese replied flapping their wings with gleeful joy.

“Are you sure you want to leave the mild autumn weather, and vivid clear blue skies of Australia?”

“We don’t mind. We miss the English spring with colourful gardens full of flowers in glorious bloom, and the lush green countryside,”said the geese with childlike eagerness.











BOB By Dawn O’Porter skirt | Country Road top | Country Road belt | Jimmy Choo pumps | Dior sunglasses

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