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I have always dreamt of being front row at fashion week, any fashion week – New York, Paris, London, Milan. And until my dreams are realised the next best thing is Vogue Runway at vogue.com. Long before the explosion of fashion bloggers and brands sharing fashion week runway posts on Instagram, I was and still am, an avid and religious reader of Vogue Runway as my online fashion week go-to website (formally style.com which merged into vogue.com in 2015). During fashion week, I love the anticipation and excitement every morning when I wake up, boil the kettle for a strong cup of tea and fire up the computer. Still in a sleep haze and with the hot tea and caffeine slowing kicking in, I am jolted into a fashion euphoria when I click on the Runway tab and scroll down to see what lovely creations the designers have sent down the runway. I carefully select the designer I want to see first, usually based on the collection photo that leaps off the computer screen first or if I spot one my favourite designers in the list (Gucci, Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Prada, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Victoria Beckham, Stella Jean, Peter Pilotto, Roskanda, House of Holland, Vivienne Westwood to name a few!).

This morning it happened to be the visual delight of Alexander McQueen. The anticipation builds again when I click on the Collection ‘view slideshow’ link. I mentally take note of my initial reaction and feelings to their creations – ranging anywhere from the spine tingling ‘I must have every piece’ to the more blasé ‘the runway can keep it all’. Scrolling through the slideshow, I imagine the two dimensional photographs bursting to life on the computer screen as if I was actually sitting there amongst the energy and spectacle of the runway show, seeing the models float down the runway adorned with beautiful clothes. Any outfit that I am immediately drawn to, which is usually when ‘beautiful’ pops into my mind, is selected and saved on my Pinterest Boards for later reference. More hours are spent reading the carefully crafted reviews and pouring over the Details photo section which satisfies my obsession with detail, providing an up close and intricate glimpse of the fabric, drape, cut, embellishments, embroidery, accessories etc. Whilst I love seeing what the fashion bloggers, online shopping sites, magazine editors and the brands themselves post on Instagram as their favourite collection looks, Vogue Runway allows me to be my own fashion reviewer/critic/editor. Many hours are savoured clicking through all the runway photos and selecting the creations that inspire my ever evolving sense of style. Vogue Runway will always be my online fashion week website, even when my fashion dreams comes true and I am sitting front row! Until then, Vogue Runway is the next best thing.

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