Sample Sales: Are They A Waste Of Time?


Are sample sales a waste of time? This was the question I pondered as someone who recently moved to London from Perth, Western Australia. My month of sample sale bargain hunting in London started by accident. I had just relocated to London from half way around the world had a bit of spare time on my hands whilst settling into my new London life. As with all things social media these days, I stumbled across an amazing sample sale website.

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Easter Chocolate Blues

This time last year I had a slight case of the Easter-time chocolate blues. It was my first easter back in Australia after living abroad in the United Kingdom for three years. These chocolate blues were brought on for two reasons. Firstly, I had made a New Years resolution to reduce my processed sugar intake to once a week, and secondly, since visiting Bruges in Belgium no other chocolate can compete.

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Malta: Ancient Culture and Crystal Waters


Little did I realise when I arrived in Malta in July for 5 days of sun, sea and a little history that there was so much to see and do. Especially when the hotel pool and seaside lidos turned out to be so irresistibly relaxing. After tearing myself reluctantly away from the beautiful Mediterranean sea, I spent a couple of days exploring St Juliens, Valletta, and the Silent City of Mdina.

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Still Looking for Love This Valentines


Another year gone and another year approaching Valentines Day as a single woman. In my teenage years and early twenties, my mother always told me “don’t worry there are plenty of fish in the sea”. Well many years later I cannot help wondering where they all are.

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Countryside Escape – Sopwell House


I long to escape to the countryside where fresh clean air, nature rhythm and the hum silence abounds. I am five months into my inner city London life. An experience that has been on my to-do dream bucket list for some time. All I can say is careful what you wish for. Whilst London has many amazing qualities and opportunities to offer, the main downside is the sheer absence of air quality.

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Vintage Jewellery: The Most Enticing Shop in London


Before heading to the High Street in search of the latest jewellery trends, consider a visit to your local vintage fashion shop. In London, I highly recommend the fabulous shop that is Hirst Antiques in Notting Hill. Be prepared to be overwhelmed, where every available space in the store is glittering with beautiful vintage jewels.

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Feminism: Freedom to Choose


I am grateful for my freedom to choose. Today and every day from this moment forward I am truly grateful for who I am. Although my life is far from perfect, today I banished all negative thoughts that my incessant mind conjures up about my body, my circumstance, my upbringing, my social status, my faults. Today I consider my self lucky. Fortunate to have been born in a western society where women have the freedom to choose.

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In Search of Vintage Treasure Along The Legendary Portobello Road


On my first visit to Portobello Road, which houses the famous Portobello Markets, I had the most interesting and colourful experience. Perhaps I was expecting too much. Its just that I love good quality, stylish vintage, the kind you find in well-curated vintage brick-and-mortar or online shops. Emerging from the Notting Gate Hill tube station and orienting myself with grateful assistance of Google maps, off I went carrying my eager anticipation in search of unique vintage treasures. What amazing vintage clothing would I find at this legendary market?

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Fortnum and Mason: Magical Winter Wonderland


With less than a week to go and the Christmas frenzy careering frantically towards Christmas Day, now is the time to stop, breathe and soak in the joyful spirit of Christmas. There are things you can do that don’t involve trawling through endless gift guides or brick-and-mortar shops and ending up with self-induced migraines brought on by trying to find the perfect presents to buy for family, friends, relatives and people you barely know.

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Solo Travel Adventures: Dining Alone in Paris

This is a little anecdote I wrote about dining alone in Paris one Saturday evening. My penchant for solo travel means I have endured many dinner-for-one experiences in foreign cities. This one stuck in my mind. The first two sentences below were scribbled in my note book on the evening in question and dated ‘drunk in Paris, 2015’.

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